Co-constructing presence between players and non-players in videogame interactions (Heike Baldauf-Quilliatre et Isabel Colón de Carvajal (eds.), « Journal for Media Linguistics », Special Issue, vol. 4, n°2, 2021)

The special issue is composed of four papers drawing on video-re­corded videogame interactions in Finnish, German and French.

Laura Kohonen-Aho and Anna Vatanen investigate the transi­tions from gatherings to encounters in the virtual world of Second Life.

Axel Schmidt and Konstanze Marx focus on Let’s Play Videos and the co-construction of telepresence by embodying avatars.

Margarethe Olbertz-Siitonen, Arja Piirainen-Marsh and Marko Siitonen discuss the social aspect of presence and play in shared vir­tual reality gameplay.

Heike Baldauf-Quilliatre and Isabel Colón de Carvajal are also in­terested in physically present non-playing participants. They inves­tigate different settings (with different types of games, different num­ber of participants etc.) and show how players and non-players co-construct the non-players’ participation in the gaming activity.

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