What is the « Game Project » ?

The Game Project gathers multiples projects (EnJeux, JouES!, INTERJEUX) and concerns research in the interaction and conversation fields, focused toward games and videos games. 

The general objective of this project is to deal with conversional and interactional fields in depth, within the frame of differents types of games (board games, videos games).

The purpose of this website is to show our resarch on interactional pratices of gaming. You may also find informations about our corpus, our team, their publications, and our recent and past activities.

Our team

The Game Project was initiated by Heike Baldauf-Quilliatre and Isabel Colon de Carvajal. It was later joined by other members about whom you can find all the informations necessary in the « Team » section.

Our corpus

Our project include many corpus of board and video games, that we will extend and transcribe to support our studies about conversation and interaction in games. You may find more informations about our corpus in the « Corpus » section.

Research grants :

  • JouES! (Jouer ensemble – pratiques interactionnelles de jeu), LabEx ASLAN, 2018-2019, 16 130 €
  • INTERJEUX (Pratiques interactionnelles et processus d’apprentissage situés dans les jeux entre parents et enfants), Fond Recherche ENS, 2020-2022, 10 000€
  • EnJeux, 2020, 10 250 €


Keywords : interaction, conversation, video games, board games, language, corpus