What is the « Game Project » ?

The « Game Project » gathers a multidisciplinary team around the main problematic of the interaction and conversation (EMCA), focused toward the field of games (board games and video games).

Our main work is currently built on two different projects  :

INTERJEUX – A subproject based on family’s interaction during board games sessions.

JouES! – A mixed subproject, focused on board and video games interaction of different interlocutors.


Our team

The « Game Project » was initiated by Heike Baldauf-Quilliatre, Associate professor at the ENS of Lyon, and Isabel Colón de Carvajal, also associate professor at the ENS and co-director of the ICAR laboratory.

The project was later joined by other professors of the school and members of the ICAR labs about whom you can find informations in the « Team » section.

You may also find the publications, articles and other works of our team in the dedicated tab : Publications and Presentations.


Corpus and projects

Our project include many corpus of board and video games, that we will extend and transcribe to support our studies about conversation and interaction in games.

You may find more informations about our corpus in the « Our Projects » section.


Keywords : interaction, conversation, video games, board games, language, corpus