The INTERJEUX project aims to describe interactive learning processes in a playful and informal situation. Its main point lies in natural interactions in gaming situations (board games or video games) between parents and children which will be analyzed from an interactional, didactical, acquisitional and game engineering perspectives.

Which problematic ? 

• How do the participants of the interaction construct their role as players / parents / children at different times in the game ?

• How does the game, in particular through its temporality and its structures, influence the distribution of roles assumed by the participants in the transmission of knowledge ?

• Using which multimodal resources do the participants co-construct this knowledge and what is the nature of the knowledge developed during the games ?

• What individual and group skills do children develop with games ?


Resume : We gathered a corpus of two specifics games : TimeLine and Cortex. 3 gaming sessions were recorded inside 4 (8 ?) families, each one in a gap of several days. Ah the end of the gaming session, a survey was also gave to the families.

Context : The families were recorded inside their personal environment, mostly the household. No searcher was present during the records.

Recording method : Two cameras and microphones were placed in the gaming space, covering the entirety of the scene, including the game table and the players. The participants were autonomous in the management of the material.


Nom anonymisé du corpus Type de jeu Durée totale Participants
Corpus test Société 00:33:41 5 (2 ad., 3 enf.)
F2F Société 02:27:38 4 (2 ad., 2 enf.)
F2G Société 01:53:00 4 (2 ad., 2 enf.)
FGF Société 01:53:57 4 (2 ad., 2 enf.)
F3E Société 02:40:25 5 (2 ad., 3 enf.)


The data acquired are currently transcribed, analyzed and discussed between the multiple members of the project.






The INTERJEUX project gathers multiples searchers of the ICAR labs, each one bringing a specific knowledge and questionning about differents aspects of the gaming interaction : children-parents learning, socialising aspect, cooperation.

Heike Baldauf-Quilliatre
Maitre de conférences HDR en linguistique allemande, Université Lyon 2 (Associate Professor in German linguistics)

Isabel Colón de Carvajal
Maitre de conférences en sciences du langage, ENS de Lyon (Associate Professor in Linguistics)

Karine Becu-Robinault
Maitre de conférences HDR en didactique de la physique, ENS de Lyon (Associate Professor in Didactics of Physics)

Anna Ghimenton
Maitre de conférences en sciences du langage, Université Lyon 2 (Associate Professor in Linguistics)

Justine Lascar
Ingénieure d’études en production et analyse de données, CNRS (Research Engineer in production and analysis of audiovisuel data)

Bertrand Marne
Maitre de conférences en information-communication, Université Lyon 2 (Associate Professor in Communication)

Vassiliki Markaki-Lothe
Maitre de conférences en sciences du langage et éducation, Université Grenoble-Alpes (Associate Professor in Linguistics and Education)