Methodology and Bibliography


For data collection, we have adopted the methodology of fieldwork and corpus collection developed in interactional linguistics and analysis conversational that offered playful experiences variables depending on the context. This methodology aims to capture audio and video data in order to render available, and therefore analyzable, the linguistic details, multimodal and situational relevant to the interaction registered (ICOR Group 2006). It also makes it possible to observe precisely the evolution in time and space of a or multiple gaming sessions, social interactions and spaces that are knotted between the players and the game support, between the players and their environment, and finally between the players themselves.

The analysis will be carried out according to the principles ethnomethodology, conversational analysis multimodal and interactional linguistics (Sidnell & Stivers 2012; Couper-Kuhlen & Selting 2018, Mondada 2018).