Languages and Literature of the Arab World

Présentation générale

LLMA was founded in 1999 by Professor Georges Bohas (ENS de Lyon), and Djamel Kouloughli, research director at the CNRS. Since its fifth issue LLMA has been an online journal hosted on the ICAR research unit (UMR 5191) website. After an interruption due to the sudden and tragic death of D. Kouloughli, publication has resumed in April 2016 with the 10th issue of LLMA now under new editorial leadership and with a renewed Scientific Committee.

aims to promote research into the languages and literatures of the Arab world. This goal implies that, beyond a natural and privileged interest in the Arabic language in all its varieties (ancient and modern, standard and dialectal, written and oral), the journal also welcomes research into the ancient and modern languages of the vast geographical area of the Arab world, whether they have institutional status and writing system or not.

This openness also prevails at a methodological level: formal or automatic approaches coexist with historical and philological ones. We do not favour any particular theory or school of thought, the only condition being that the proposed articles have sufficient guarantees of consistency and rigour in terms of approach and objectives; this will be assessed by the LLMA Scientific Committee.

is also intended to contribute to networking, linkages and exchanges between members of our scientific community; and to give young researchers the opportunity to share the results of their PhD research and embark on a career by publishing their first works.

Contributions can be submitted to the Scientific Committee at any time of the year and must be presented in accordance with the standards established in the submit an article link. They should be addressed to George Bohas ( georges.bohas@ens-lyon.fr) and Bruno Paoli ( bmapaoli@gmail.com).


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