Prologue – Raw version

Prologue – DeepL version

The Dictionary_L takes into account the corrections, criticisms, suggestions… made by the users of the Dictionary of argumentation (2016) and the Dictionary of argumentation (2018).

I thank them very much for the welcome they have given to these books.
I hope they will continue to exercise their vigilance and creativity on the online Dictionary, making full use of the open discussion spaces on each dictionary entry and on each page of this site.

I hope that many entries will continue to benefit from
benefit from your discussions and improvements.

All contributors will of course be mentioned on the relevant entries, along with the revision date of the article (the entries are currently undated, which means by default that they are all dated 2021).

As recommended to me, this site is open by invitation, first to all those with whom I have research contacts.

By way of extension, I invite them to pass on the password to all their interested colleagues, as well as to their students who specialize in argumentation: this latter group is in fact the primary audience of this Dictionary.


Personally, I am now working on the physical improvement of the text. As you know, the switch from Word to WordPress leads to typographical errors, everything has to be fully checked.

I am taking up the idea of building a « Companion » to the Dictionary, and I hope to put the first elements of this new construction online very soon.

This site is in French, but the English version is not far away.The automatic translation gives good results, and it has not finished progressing.
So I hope to put online soon a raw version (or almost), which will be improved as needed.