Title of the relevant section of the regulation

Lat. a rubrica argument; the Lat. name rubrica belongs to the semantic family of rubor “red”, and means “red earth; heading”. In the collections of laws “the headings of chapters were written in red color” (Gaffiot [1934], Rubrica).

The interpretive argument based on the title of the relevant section of the code or argument of the title (a rubrica) is a matter of legal logic, S. Juridical arguments.

Codes and administrative regulations are divided into sections and subsections with titles and subtitles. These headings carry no legal weight, but they are relevant to the interpretation of the law, insofar as they define the scope of the following articles. The argument  on the title legitimates or suspends the application of an article depending on whether or not the case considered falls within this scope.


If the College regulation contains a section entitled “Rules of conduct in classrooms”, Article 1 providing that:

The use of mobile phones is forbidden,

this article cannot be invoked in order to ban mobile phones in the playground. If the prohibition is made under the heading “General provisions”, it applies to the conduct during classes, etc. The highest disposition in the hierarchy prevails.