BROUILLON Establishing / Exploiting a reality: companion

Constructing / exploiting a reality

arguing to construct a relation or a property — arguing from a relation, appealing to a relation or a property

Four basic relations and properties : argumentative construction and argumentative exploitation

Four basic argument schemes


Before living in a house, you must first build it. Before using an analogy, you must first show that there is such a an analogy

The notions of analogy, authority, causality, and definition appear, by one name or another, in all collections of arguments.

These concepts fall into two types of argumentations.

First step, it must be shown that the relationship actually exists, if you want to exploit it later.

Stasis (1):

Is there a causal relationship between fact A and fact B? Are pesticides risk factors for certain cancers?
an analogical relationship between fact A and fact B? Is there an analogy between the 1929 and 2008 crises?
Is such source an authority? Is Uncle Srooge an authority on financial investments?
Is this discourse a definition of the word W? Is having an iPhone and three meals a day a satisfactory definition of democracy?

The existence of the relationship has to be proved through arguments that base, establish, construct, justify the answers given to these question.

The arguments and counter-arguments rely on the application of shared criteria methods and test for what is a proven causal link, a strong analogy, a true authority, and a substantial definition

Second step, this relationship can be exploited in argumentation from causality, analogy, authority or definition.  For example, if the answer are positive:

… so, it would be wise to limit  their use

… so, we must expect considerable political upheaval

… so, I will invest my money with them.

… so, why should I worry about all these elections fuss?

It is possible to admit that there is a causal link and tha

A radical rebuttal to these claims is to show that the underlying causal relationship  doesnot hold true ;  the analogy does not hold;   the authority is a sham; the definition is ridiculous.