What is JouEs! ?

Within this project, we will analyse interactional practices of playing and compare different types of games with regard to their interactional organisation (especially concerning participation framework and the positioning of the participants in game and interaction) as well as to their sequence structure (organisation of the space, role and use of objects, etc.). The study follows an emic approach to complexity : we are interested in the combination of multiple elements on different levels.

Which problematic ? 

• How does the playfulness and the spatiality are organized and built in interaction ?

• What is the role of items affordance in the organization of the interaction ?

• What is the influence of games and gaming interaction in the learning process ?


Resume : We gathered a corpus of various board and video games.  Gaming sessions were recorded inside differents private context : within a family or a group of friends.

Context : The participants were mostly recorded inside their personal environment. They may be in situation when they play on one of multiples screens, or either toward a game board or a card game.

Recording method : Cameras and microphones were placed in the gaming space, covering the entirety of the scene, including the playersthe game table or the television and console.


Nom anonymisé du corpus Type de jeu Durée totale Participants
Catane Société 00:47:33 3
Jeu d’échecs Société 00:38:55 2
Jeu de cartes1 Société 00:36:41 2
Mistigri Société 00:12:35 5
Dooble Société 00:06:50 5
Mystères de Pekin Société 00:27:47 5
Jeu de cartes2 Société 00:30:04 3
Jeu de cartes3 Société 00:36:32 5
Dixit Société 02:25:34 4
Concept Société 00:52:11 4
Playstation_CallOfDuty Vidéo 01:20:00 5
Playstation_DragonBall Vidéo 01:10:00 5
Playstation_Tekken Vidéo 00:40:00 5
Playstation_Burnout Vidéo 01:20:00 5
Kinect_Dance Vidéo 00:21:43 4
Kinect_AventureGame Vidéo 00:14:12 4
Wii_TombRaider Vidéo 01:31:00 2
Wii_Mario Vidéo 01:21:22 4
LAN_UnrealTournment Vidéo 03:00:00 8
LAN_CounterStrike Vidéo 01:12:00 8
LAN_Starcraft Vidéo 00:56:00 8

Expected results

New analysis of the playfulness, conversational organisation, and the learning process in a gaming situation. New data available on multiples platforms (CLAPI, ORTOLANG).



Fiche de projet : JouEs! (


EnJoues! TEAM

Carole Etienne
Ingénieure de Recherche, CNRS (Research Engineer)

Margot Lambert
Assistante de recherche, ICAR (Research assistant)

Laurène Smykowski
Assistante de recherche, ICAR (Research assistant)

Samira Ibnelkaïd
Chercheuse associée, ICAR (Research associate)