Cause To Effect Argumentation

Cause to effect argumentation is based on the existence of a cause-effect relation. The actual occurrence of the cause is materialized by the necessary occurrence of the effect.

The argumentation is oriented towards the future. Argument:

There is a state of affairs c. This state of affairs c falls into the category of facts C.
Cause- Effect Rule: There is a known causal law linking state of affairs C to state of affairs E.
Conclusion: C will / must have an effect e, of type E.

The causal deduction allows prediction:

This bridge is made of metal.
When heated, this metal expands by a certain coefficient.
In summer the bridge will expand by such and such amount.

This causal argument can be supplemented by a pragmatic argument.

Such dilatation can have dangerous consequences: Expansion can twist metal.

Which must be prevented:

It is therefore necessary to provide sufficient space for the bridge deck to expand.