Opposite words

The relation of opposition broadly corresponds to the lexical relation of antonymy. The term “opposite” covers a series of lexical oppositions such as:

male / female: terms in a bi-dimensional opposition
mandatory / allowed / forbidden: terms in a multi-dimensional opposition
sight / blindness: terms in a relation of possession / privation
mother / son: correlative terms

These various relations of opposition are exploited in different argumentative maneuvers, bearing on terms and propositions containing opposite terms.

— Negation, S. Denying

— Rhetorical figures of opposition, Opposition

— Opposition between words S. Correlative terms

— Opposition between propositions: S. Contradiction; Contrary and contradictory

— The argument scheme of the opposite predicates a contrary predicate upon a contrary subject, S. Opposites; Argumentative Scale.

— Refutation by the observation of the opposite, rejects a predication “A is P” on the basis of the observation that a predicate, Q, is actually true of the same subject, A, and that P and Q are opposite, S. Refutation.