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Nouvelle Data session LIS (17/06/2021)

By 10/06/2021décembre 22nd, 2021Historique, Historique_Agenda

Les DataLIS sont les ateliers organisés au sein du groupe LIS de l’équipe InSitu du laboratoire. La prochaine session des DataLIS aura pour invitée Liliana Lovallo, doctorante à l’université de Lausanne (Suisse), qui proposera une séance de travail sur le thème :

Establishing joint attention in a Virtual Reality environment

Virtual Reality (VR) technologies allow participants to experience and share with others an immersive digital environment, in which they can move, manipulate objects, and engage in joint activities. My project analyses video data recorded during videogame playing sessions in VR. Participants playing a videogame together need to organise their actions so that they are visually accessible for their teammate as well as attuned to the on-going game activity and to its specific goals.
Establishing a common spatial and referential frame in the game environment through joint attention practices is thus an essential task to secure smooth playing. In order to ensure mutual orientation and achieve joint attention, participants mobilise an array of different resources such as deictic expressions, imperatives, and gestures. The data session focuses mainly on some of such cases, but observations on other aspects of the extracts are welcome as well.

La data session aura lieu le jeudi 17 juin 2021, de 13h30 à 15h30, en visioconférence via l’outil Zoom. Le lien de connexion sera transmis après inscription auprès d’Anna Claudia Ticca et/ou Elizaveta Chernyshova.

Contact : Anna Claudia Ticca et Elizaveta Chernyshova

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