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Cet ouvrage est la version anglaise de l’édition française originale.

Avec également les contributions de : Christelle Combe, Morgane Domanchin, Mabrouka El Hachani, Dorothée Furnon, Jean-François Grassin, Samira Ibnelkaïd, Justine Lascar, Joséphine Rémon et Caroline Vincent.

How can new technologies be apprehended in and adapted to a research context? How to provide efficient online training to junior researchers? What are the implications of a digital environment on teamwork? At a time when video mediated interactions are becoming common, this book puts forward some answers in the shape of a conceptual toolbox adapted to Researchers’ new realities and experiences. The concepts and methods we created can be used for the study of any screen-based interaction, either formal or informal (in professional, institutional, and mundane settings). Through an interdisciplinary approach, we study various aspects of screen-based interactions and analyse the effects of artefacts such as telepresence robots and videoconferencing platforms within a hybrid context that combines presence and distance.

The chapters constituting this book particularly shed light onto the co-construction of attention, the emergence of artefacted intercorporeality, new norms of politeness, effects of presence, the management of digital bugs and interactional fails, and finally the impact of such a hybrid context on doctoral students’ training. The authors lay the foundations of a Visual Reflexive Ethology by placing themselves as the object of analysis, and situating multimodality, subjective experience, and sensoriality at the heart of Interaction Analysis, from data observation to scientific dissemination. In coherence with the book’s object of study, the chosen format and production process have allowed the experimentation of a new publishing ecosystem based on collaborative remote work environments and on the free dissemination of knowledge.

En savoir plus : version augmentée de l’ouvrage disponible sur le site Web de l’éditeur, ainsi que différents formats du texte

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